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НАШ ОГОРОД: Грибная Неделя! Mushroom Week! March 4th - March 8th

Mari Vanna is presenting our



"НАШ ОГОРОД" ( Our Garden!!)


This week:

March4th- March 8th

"Грибная Неделя" (Mushroom week!) at Mari Vanna!!!

Long and not so long time ago most of the families in Russia used to have their own OGOROD ( Garden) behind their houses where they would grow all the vegetables, berries, fruits and basically anything they need to cook food for their families!

We will dedicate each week to one particular fruit , vegetable or product and you can come and enjoy some new dishes every week!!!

Come this week to try our Mushroom MENU!!!

Reservations are highly recommended!

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See you on Soon!

Mari Vanna

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