This is "Key Monday"

This Monday, December 1 the doors will be closed at 8pm. Come with your own key!

Thanksgiving - Take Out Menu for 6 people

Turkey - $85, Apple or Pumpkin Pie 12 inch - $24, Mashed Potato - $12, Green Peas - 12$, Buckweat Kasha - $12, Olivie - $28, Vinegret - $24, Cranberry and Stuffing - $15, Soft Drinks Kompot or Kvas - $10 bottle. Place Order Now! (323) 655-1977

Beluga Model Tuesday

Amra Silajdzic will cook her favorite dish at Mari Vanna Los Angeles!!! Amra will share her food that she is going to prepare with Mari Vanna Guests ! Guests arriving from 7:30 p.m. Complimentary shot of house infused vodka is waiting upon your arrival! Beluga shot $ 8! Every Tuesday models will cook their favorite dish.

Pre Thanksgiving Dinner in Mari Vanna LA

Wednesday, November 26 - Roasted Turkey, Assorted Appetizers, Pumpkin Pie, House Infused Vodka Shots! $39 for person, Start at 7

New Chief Special Menu in Mari Vanna LA

Presenting 5 new dishes we never had before! Limited time only!